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Book 7 unit 2单元测试

Book 7 unit 2单元测试

Book7 Unit 2 Robots Unit Test 第I卷
I. 单项选择 1. The old woman _______ her sons and daughters to come and see her from time to time. A. suggested B. hoped C. desired D. waited 2. Early in the morning, I got to the airport in Denver ready to _____ my work ______ for a few days’ vacation. A. leave … behind B. leave … alone C. leave … off D. leave … out 3. How ________ I was when I failed to give the correct answer to that easy question in class. A. embarrassed B. embarrassing C. embarrass D. to embarrass 4. He told me that he would take part in the sports meeting _______ in Paris next month A. to hold B. will be held C. having held D. to be held 5.John’s success has nothing to do with good luck; it was years of hard work _______has made him what he is today. A. that B. what C. when D. which 6. Jenny hopes that Mr. Smith will suggest a good way to have her written English______ in a short period. A. improved B. improving C. to improve D. improve 7. My sister was against my suggestion while my brother was ________ it. A. in honour of B. in memory of C. in search of D. in favour of 8. We went through a period ______ communications were very difficult in the rural areas. A. which B. whose C. in which D. with which 9. I am going to the post office. Do you have any letter _________? A. to be sent B. to send C. sending D. sent 10. I would stay at home _________go fishing with him. A. rather than B. other than C. better than D. or rather 11. It was a difficult time, but eventually things ______ all right. A. turned up B. turned down C. turned out D. turned around 12.We felt happy when the boss ___________that we could set aside some time for exercise. A. had stated B. stated C. would state D. was stating 13. __________ no need to be alarmed, for no one has been injured in this accident A. It's B. He's C. There's D. It has 14.Children must be ______ by an adult when travelling. A. accompanying B. accompanied C. surrounding D. surrounded 15. The CDs are on sale! Buy one and you_________ one completely free. A. have got B. would get C. get D. will get II. 完形填空 I was never afraid of anything. Failure to me was not marked by 16 grades but by doing less than my best. One day, I did find my 17 . It was a Wednesday evening in August. I 18 a blues club with two friends and sat at the

table with the best 19 of the stage. We were going to play here. At 9:30, most of the 20 customers entered. They knew the waitresses’ names, and the location of the bathrooms. The first band set up their equipment on stage. Without warning, the band 21 . They played with enthusiasm and confidence. They were really 22 . “We’re up next! ” I whispered, “What are we playing?” “Solos (独奏) ”. Suddenly, I 23 . I could handle playing, 24 soloing would be too much. I looked at the 25 faces around me and imagined them 26 my wrong notes. Before I could say no, the host tapped the microphone and 27 our names. After adjusting our instruments, we were ready to 28 . Pushing my fears aside, I started playing. I felt my body 29 as I fell into the rhythm of the song. 30 Greg was nodding to me to solo. In a rush to start, I forgot my 31 . As I played a few notes, I heard the 32 shout with applause. I walked off the stage, met by handshakes and words of 33 . Sometimes the only way to get over a fear is to force yourself to face it. If I had not been 34 into facing my fear of soloing, I would have missed out on one of the most 35 experiences of my life . 16. A. high B. bad C. standard D. ideal 17. A. weakness B. strength C. fault D. progress 18. A. joined B. entered C. founded D. dismissed 19. A. point B. view C. way D. part 20. A .old B. fresh C. regular D. rich 21. A. waved B. behaved C. declared D. started 22. A. great B. crazy C. famous D. familiar 23. A. escaped B. quitted C. stopped D. froze 24. A. as B. if C. but D. so 25 . A. strange B. rare C. miserable D. amazed 26. A. paying attention to B. taking notice of C. laughing at D. caring about 27. A. added B. announced C. changed D. wrote 28. A. dance B. sing C. watch D. play 29. A. grow B . hurt C. shake D. relax 30. A. Finally B. Luckily C. Suddenly D. Slowly 31. A. happiness B. nervousness C. lines D. calmness 32. A. hosts B. audience C. waitresses D. conductor 33. A. congratulations B. celebrations C. explanations D. suggestions 34. A. persuaded B. pulled C. taken D. forced 35. A. rewarding B. interesting C. frightening D. embarrassing Ⅲ 阅读理解 .

A Born/died: 1603—1659 Birth city/country: Lutjegast, the Netherlands Main achievement: Tasmania

Abel Tasman was born in a little village in the Netherlands in 1603. Nowadays there is a road in the village named after him and the house where he was believed to live is still a functional farm called “Tassemaheerd”. His first wife was called Claesgie Heyndrix, who he had a daughter with, Claesjen. In December, 1631 he married again, this time with Jannetje(Joanna) Tjaerts, a 21-year-old girl. In 1634, Abel Tasman joined the Dutch East India and he became first mate of the Weesp, one of the company’s ships. Later that year he became skipper(船长) on the mocha. With this ship he patrolled(巡逻) in the ocean. On one of his voyages, three men were killed and after returning to Batavia, Tasman got a new job. He had to transport cargo and booty in the northwest Pacific. A high death toll through diseases was normal and the Dutch ships weren’t seaworthy. On one voyage Tasman returned safely after he had lost two of his three ships in a storm. After this voyage Tasman was ordered to explore the southeast in order to find a new sea route to Chile in South America. This voyage to the “Great South Land” (as the Dutch called Australia) made him the famous discoverer of Tasmania. At that stage though, Tasman and his crew had no idea that they had made such a significant discovery. In 1644 Abel Tasman became skipper commander and later he became a member of the council of Justice in Batavia. By 1653 he retired and owned 288 acres of land near Batavia. He died in October, 1659. 36. From the first paragraph, we can see that__________. A. In a village in the Netherlands, people have built a farm in memory of Abel Tasman. B. His second wife was about seven years younger than he. C. Abel Tasman married again after his first wife died of a disease. D. Abel Tasman was born in a big city in the Netherlands. 37. What is the right order of the jobs in Abel Tasman’s life? a. He was married Jannetje Tjaerts, a 21-year-old girl. b. He became skipper on the Mocha. c. He became a member of the council of Justice in Batavia. d. He became first mate of the Weesp.

e. He became skipper commander. A. a,c,e,d,b B. b,c,a,e,d C. b, e,c,d,a D. a,d,b,e,c 38. What does the underlined word “booty” probably mean? A. 战利品 B. 奖金 C. 马靴 D. 奖励 39. Which of the following in TRUE according to the passage? A. In his time, the Dutch ships were very strong and could fight against the storm. B. Later in 1634, Abel Tasman joined the Dutch East India. C. The discovery of Tasmania was his main achievement in his life. D. Great South Land was also called “Australia” in English. 40. When did Abel Tasman enter the council of justice in Batavia? A. In 1631 B. After 1644 C. By 1653 D. Around 1659

I went on a tour of a nearby car factory today with my uncle, who works there. One thing I noticed was that most of the work is now done by robots. Welding (焊接), painting, testing, and many other jobs are performed by robots now. The whole dashboard (仪表板)of the car is now put into the car from above, through the windshield, by a robot. It would have taken two men to do this in the past, and it would have hurt their backs quite a bit. It got me thinking: is it a good thing that robots are replacing factory workers? On one hand, robots generally do a more accurate job than people. They aren’t likely to make many mistakes, and if something goes wrong with one car, an alarm goes off. They do exactly the same thing, every time, without fail. A human worker is never able to do exactly the same thing every time. On the other hand, robots also reduce costs for companies. Companies don’t have to pay robots wages or injury compensation (补偿) if they’re broken. If something in a robot does go wrong, it won’t have to take time off work for a year, or even forever, as could happen to a real person if he breaks his back or burn himself while welding. The obvious downside to all of this is that it increases the unemployment rate, which in turn increases taxes. We don’t want to be paying for other people to be off work because a company has replaced them with technology. 41. We can learn from the first paragraph that _______. A. all the workers are replaced by robots now B. robots do much of the work instead of workers now C. there were no workers with back strain D. the author’s uncle made robots in the factory 42. According to the passage robots _______. A. can do work as accurately as workers B. never break down C. can do exactly the same thing repeatedly D. ask for less money from companies 43. The underlined word "downside" in the last paragraph probably means "_____". A. weakness B. favor C. assistance D. strength 44. It can be inferred from the last paragraph that _______. A. companies refuse to pay for workers

B. robots have helped all of the workers C. robots can help solve the problem of unemployment D. workers have to pay more taxes for the unemployed workers 45. What can we learn from the passage? A. It is a good thing that robots can take the place of human workers. B. The author welcomes the idea that robots are replacing the human workers. C. Robots will burn themselves while welding. D. Companies prefer using robots to employing human workers.

第 II 卷
III. 根据所给汉语或所缺单词的首字母,写出单词的正确形式. 46. He decided to set off the ____________ (警报) when he saw the man carrying a gun. 47.The lady is tall and 48. I 50. We all 52. My brother has a t 53. Germany d 54. I must ask you to 55. She d (优雅大方)and we all respect her. (浏览) the list quickly but didn’t find my name. (渴望) peace and happiness. for language so he is good at English. war on France on 1 August 1914. (陪伴) me to the police station. her husband last year and their marriage lasted only three years.

49. There are several people ____________ (比……低的)to him in his office. 51. I have no s____________ for Jane; it’s all her fault.

IV. 阅读表达 If you are worried about things and are under a lot of stress at work or school, then you are probably not sleeping well. Worry can keep you awake, tossing and turning in bed until the early hours of the morning when you eventually fall asleep. When you wake up, you don’t feel refreshed, but tired and worn out and unable to face a new day. Dr. Henry Winkle wrote an article in a recent newspaper, which indicates that_____________. Dr. Winkle says, “The more we worry, the less we sleep, the more we are unable to deal with stress. If we can find a way to get a good night’s sleep,” he adds, “we can often find the energy to deal with what’s worrying us.” So, what is a good night’s sleep? Research shows that the amount of sleep which people need in order to keep healthy varies a lot. Seven hours in about the average amount, though strangely enough, sleeping longer often gives you a headache instead of making you feel more refreshed. Dr. Winkle believes that preparing for sleeping is important. People who work late should try to give themselves a short break and do something restful before going to bed. This could be watching TV or listening to music. Doing some exercise earlier in the day should help you to feel physically as well as mentally tired. A bedtime drink can also help, but coffee or tea should

be avoided as they contain caffeine and will keep you awake. “When you put the light out,” Dr. Winkle says, “concentrate on relaxing your muscles, working slowly up from your feet, and you’ll be asleep before you know it.” 56. What is the best title of the text? (Please answer within 10 words) ____________________________________________________________________________ 57. Which sentence in the text can be replaced by the following one? People shouldn’t go to sleep immediately but should take a break after working late in the night. ____________________________________________________________________________ 58. Please fill in the blank in Paragraph 2 with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. (Please answer within 10 words) ____________________________________________________________________________ 59. Someone says that the longer you sleep, the better you feel. Try to find some arguments from the text against the idea. (Please answer within 30 words) ____________________________________________________________________________ 60. Translate the underlined sentence in Paragraph 1 into Chinese. ____________________________________________________________________________ V. 写作: 假如你是新华中学高二学生李华。近来,你发现很多同学课间休息时间扔坐在教室里 学习,心里感到很焦急。请你根据以下提示,用英语给高二的全体同学写封公开信,并呼 吁同学们注意学习效率。 1. 指出问题; 2. 你的看法; 3. 你的建议(至少两点)。 注意: 1. 词数 100 左右; 2. 信的开头已为你写好(不计入总词数) 。 Dear classmates, I am Li Hua, one of your schoolmates. I’m writing to tell you about a common phenomenon. At present, ______________ Yours sincerely, Li Hua


Book7 Unit 2 Robots Unit Test 第I卷
I. 1—5 CAADA 6—10 ADCAA 11—15CBCBD 16—20 BABBC 21—25 DADCA 26—30 CBDDC 31—35 BBADA Ⅲ 36—40 BDACB . 41—45 BCADD

第 II 卷
IV. 46. alarm 47. elegant 48. scanned 49. inferior 50. desire 51. sympathy 52.talent 53.declared 54. accompany 55. divorced V. 56. Sleep and Your Life / Stress and Sleep /Sleep is Important 57. People who work late should try to give themselves a short break and do something restful before going to bed. 58. stress / worry and (lack of ) sleep are directly related 59. Seven hours is about the average amount, though strangely enough, sleeping longer often gives you a headache instead of making you feel more refreshed. 60. 当你醒来时,你不但没有感到精力充沛(旺盛) ,反而疲惫不堪,难以面对新的一天。 范文: Dear Editor, I am Li Hua, one of your schoolmates. I’m writing to tell you about a common phenomenon. At present, many of us remain studying in the classroom during the ten-minute break between classes. I think it important to take a break between classes, especially during this period. Otherwise we will feel tired both physically and mentally. During the break, we can do something to get rid of tiredness. Relaxation in that period is really of great benefit to us. As far as I’m concerned, to study effectively, we should combine our study with amusement; meanwhile, taking some exercise such as walking and jogging is also a good way. As an old saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Only in this way can we study effectively. Yours sincerely, Li Hua


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