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unit2 the olympic games-Learning about language_图文

unit2 the olympic games-Learning about language_图文

Unit 2

The Olympic Games
Learning about language

Discovering useful words and expressions 1 Find the word or expression.
1 _________ compete to take part in a sports event 2 _______ admit to allow to enter (a course or sports competition ) 3 ________ athlete someone who takes part in a sports competition 4 __________ standard level of ability

5 ____________ regular basis happening every

time with the same amount of
time in between

6 _______ replace to take the place of
7 _______ motto short sentence or phrase expressing the beliefs of a person or group

8 _____________ responsibility duty to be in charge and get in trouble if things go wrong 9 ___________ gymnasium special hall for physical exercise

10 _____________ take part in to join in

2 Choose the word or phrase that means almost the same as the word in italics. 1 She rose to her feet in one swift

A. short

B B. quick

C. immediate

D. hurry

2. Nowadays all countries can take part

in if their athletes reach the standard.
A. Today B. These days C. In the future D. Tomorrow B

3. My son went to see the new stadiums

before the Olympic Games began.
A. concert halls B. sports halls B

C. reception buildings
D. athletes’ village

4. Li Yan wanted to take part in the Olympic Games as a volunteer. C

A. someone who offers help
B. someone who offers to pay C. Someone who helps without pay D. someone who works part-time

5. What do the five rings on the Olympics

flag stand for? B
A. support C. introduce B. mean D. look like

3 Complete the passage.
standard athlete admit compete responsibility olive wreath homeland Helena was a great _______ athlete in the 5000-metre running race. She had won many prizes and wanted to ________ compete in the Olympic Games. So she practised hard every day in order to be _________ admitted as a competitor.

It didn’t take her long to reach the
_________ standard for entering the Olympic Games. This made Helena eager to win a gold medal for herself and her __________. homeland Unfortunately during

the final, she was in front in her race

another competitor pushed her on

purpose so that she fell down. Poor
Helena lost her chance of a medal but

the other woman had to take responsibility for breaking the rules. ____________
The judges felt sorry for Helena and gave her a special prize of an ___________ olive wreath instead.

Answers for Ex. 2 on Page 13: Rules for the Olympic Games 1. Nobody _________________ will be allowed (allow) to

enter the stadium without a ticket.
2. Children ___________________ will not be allowed

(not allow) to make a noise and upset the
competitors. If they do, they will be taken away (take away) from ________________ the stadium.

3. No animals __________________ will be allowed (allow) in the stadium.

4. Cheating by athletes will not be
____________ (excuse). excused They ______________ (tell ) to leave. will be told 5. No smoking will be _____________ allowed (allow). If you are discovered, you will be asked (ask) to pay ten dollars. ______________

Passive Voice

The Great Wall _________ was built by Chinese people.

English __________ is spoken by the most people in the world.

Gone with the wind

The book ___________ was written by Margaret Mitchell.

The umbrella __________ is used for keeping off the rain.

The light ____________ was invented by Thomas Edison .

The Olympic Games in 2012:

The 2012 Olympic Games ____________ will be held in London.


当句子的主语是动作的执行者时, 谓语的
形式是主动语态。当句子的主语是动作的 承受者时, 谓语要用被动语态。被动语态

由助动词be+过去分词构成, 时态通过be

英语动词有两种语态: 主动语态 (the Active Voice) 被动语态(the Passive Voice)
A. 主动语态表示主语是动作的执行者。

We planted the tree.
B. 被动语态表示主语是动作的承受者。

The tree was planted by us.





English is spoken

by us.


They cleaned the classroom yesterday. 昨天我们打扫了教室。 The classroom was cleaned by them yesterday. 昨天教室被我们打扫了。

何时使用被动语态呢? 一、行为主体不明确, 不必说出或者无法 说出动作的执行者时。如: Football is played all over the world. 二、不易找到或根本就不可能找到动作的 执行者时。如: My bike was stolen.我的自行车被盗了。

三、汉语中含有“据说”、“据悉”、“有人说” “大家说”等时。如:

It is said that one day he climbed to the top
of a house and …… It was reported that her mother died of SARS. 众所周知?? It is well known that … 据推测说?? It is supposed that …


Tina is asked to come by Paul.
Tina是被Paul叫来的。 五、某些句子习惯上用被动语态。如: He was born in October, 1989.

The Structure is


被动语态由“助动词be+及物动词的 过去分词”构成, 助动词be有人称、数 的变化,其变化规则与be作为连系动词 时一样。如: The desk is made of wood. The desks are made of wood. He is asked a question by the teacher. I was given a nice present by my friend yesterday.

1)一般情况在动词原形后加-ed 2)以不发音e结尾的加-d 3)以辅音加y结尾的, 去y变i加-ed 4)以重读闭音节结尾, 末尾只有一个辅音字母, 先双写该辅音字母, 再加-ed

watch---watched study---studied

practice---practiced stop---stopped


am is are





done do write written go gone

典型题例 例1 将下列句子改为被动语态。 We clean our classroom every day.

Our classroom is cleaned (by us) every day.


1. 把原来的宾语提到前面作被动语态
的主语; 2. 把动词变成“be + 过去分词”;

3. 主动语态中的主语变为介词by的宾语。

主变被解题步骤: 1. 找宾语 ----即动作的承受者 2. 判断宾语的单复数 ----即be动词的单复数. 3. 判断动词的时态 ----即be动词的时态. 4. 修改谓语的时态 ----即原句动词改为过去分词 5. 修改原句的主语 ----即by+ 主语.

They make shoes in that factory.
Shoes are were made by them.

Tom broke the window.
The window was broken by Tom. Tom broke the windows. The windows were broken by Tom. He broke the windows.

The windows were broken by him.

1.They make shoes in that factory.

Shoes are made factory. 一般现在时: S(主语)+am/is /are(not) +过去分词 (by them) in that

He rides the motorbike to his factory every day.

The motorbike is ridden to his factory (by him) every day.

We call the snowman Mr. Strong.

The snowman is called Mr. Strong (by us).

computer, use, class A computer is used in our class every day.

2. They bought ten computers last year.

Ten computers were bought (by them) last year.
一般过去时: S+was/were(not) +过去分词

He bought his friend some fruits yesterday.

His friend was bought some fruits (by him) yesterday.

Some fruits were bought for his friend (by him) yesterday.

bank, rob yesterday
The bank was robbed yesterday. man-made satellite, send up, space, last year A man-made satellite was sent up into space last year.

3. Amy can take good care of the cat. The cat can be taken good care of by Amy. 情态动词: S+ can/may/must/should(not) + be+


She can carry the basket easily.

The basket can be easily carried by her.

They can sing some beautiful songs.

Some beautiful songs can be sung by them.

“We must put them in the fridge.” The dogs thought .

“They must be put in the fridge (by us).” The dogs thought.

4.They will finish the work in ten days.

The work will be finished (by them)

in ten days.
一般将来时: S+ will+ (not) be+过去分词

They will have a show tomorrow.

A show will be had (by them) tomorrow.

send to, hospital, right now

They will be sent to the hospital right now. a talk, give , soon
A talk will be given soon.

_____ Will this house_______ be sold (sell) by the King?

The little girl is so pretty that she ______________ will be admired (admire) by all people when she grows up.

The streets ___________ will be lit (light) by electricity.

I _____________________ will/ shall not be invited (not invite) to tomorrow’s wedding.


Dogs will not be allowed to enter your classroom.

will not be done 否定结构




Smoking will not be allowed in the stadium.

Rewrite the letter in future Passive Voice will ( not) be done

The Olympic Game will be held in London. Many things ____________(do) for the will be done will be spent Game. 30 billion yuan ______________on the projects. An Olympic Village will be built for the athletes and some _____________ hotels ____________ will be built for the visitors to stay in. The roads ________ wider will be ______(make) made and better and trees and flowers will be planted ________________along the roads. The new Stadiums will be completed (complete) before will be trained 2012.Many volunteers ______________ (train) for the game.

Many policemen ___________(send) will be sent keep order. During the 2012 Olympic Game, the best athletes _____________(choose) to will be chosen compete and they will ________________ be encouraged (encourage) to do their best.

1. It is clear that Beijing Olympic Games ___________ will be held (hold) on August 8-24, 2008.

2. While many people turn to computer
for news and movies, it doesn’t mean that

the TV set will _____________ be replaced (replace) in the
near future.

3. Many chances will ___________ be lost (lose) if you
don’t work hard.

4. You ______________ will be fined (fine) by the police if
you keep driving so fast. 5. The question is going to ____________ be discussed (discuss) by us. 6. The little girl is so pretty that she _________________ will be admired (admire) by all the people.

7. Don’t worry about that. It ______________ will be finished (finish) next week. 8. She ___________ will be met (meet) by her friends as soon as she arrives. 9. I hear that more than one million

dollars ___________ will be spent (spend) on the project next year.

1. The manager made them work 10 hours a day. They were made to work 10 hours a day. 2. A new teacher will teach us next term.

We will be taught by a new teacher.
3. You should water trees often . Trees should be watered often. 4. You must not plant trees in very dry earth . Trees must not be planted in very dry earth.
For more exercises, click here.

1. --- So what is the procedure? --- All the applicants before a final decision is made by the authority. A. interview B. are interviewing C. are interviewed D. are being interviewed 【2013北京】 【答案】C 【解析】考查动词的语态和时态。句中 applicants与interview之间为被动关系,应使用 被动语态;且句子所描述的为一般情况,故用 一般现在时态的被动语态。故选C。

Homework: What will be done to make our city more beautiful and attractive (吸引人 的)? Write a passage, using the passive voice.

road, widen

trees, plant

hospitals, build

schools, set up

parking places, increase cars, decrease

water, clean

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